Best Compact Treadmills for Under Desk Use

Looking at compact treadmills? Compact home treadmills are different from standard home treadmills in a few ways.

First of all they are obviously smaller or more compact than your regular treadmill. They take up less space.

Most can be folded up and easily stored under your bed or in a closet without too much hassle. This makes them popular with people in condos, apartments' target='_blank'>apartments or those with smaller workout areas.

But is a compact treadmill the best choice for you? I’ve been reviewing various compact, small treadmills on the market for several years now and here’s a few things you may not know about compact exercise treadmills:


#1 Take Up Less Space – This is the main advantage to these machines. They are built specifically to take up less floor space when in use.

They’re also built to take up less space when folded – even less than standard folding treadmills. Most compact units can be folded up and wheeled under your bed or into a closet in a few minutes.

#2 Portable and Lightweight – Compact home treadmills tend to be more lightweight and easily portable than regular machines. This means you can take them with you if you have multiple residences or you go away to school or work for months at a time.

#3 More Cost Effective – Prices on these machines are very' target='_blank'>affordable – starting around $499 – $699, which is cheaper than some of the monster commercial grade treadmills out there. So they are easier on the budget.


#1 Below Average Cushioning – Most compact treadmills don’t give you much in the way of cushioning.

Cushioning is the ability of the deck to absorb the force of your step. Good cushioning protects your knees, hips and back. Because of this, these treadmills are not the best for runners.

Compact units are also not as stable-feeling as regular home treadmills (partially because they’re so lightweight). So you might get some shaking or wobbling if you start to run.

#2 Don’t Have As Many Bells and Whistles – Compact home treadmills don’t come with as many bells and whistles as other home treadmills.

They do offer a few built-in programs but if you’re looking for fitness tracking journals, iPod docks, lots of workout programs, console fans or other fancy toys, you might want to skip the compact units and look at a regular home treadmill.

#3 Shorter Belts – Because these treadmills are built to take up less space, the belts are naturally shorter than a standard home machine. This means if you’re taller you may feel like you don’t have enough room to pick up your pace.


Compact treadmills do give you some great advantages. They don’t take up much space which makes them ideal for smaller workout areas and apartments. They’re also lighter and easier to move than other treadmills – and they cost less too.

However they probably aren’t the best for heavy running due to their shorter belts and lack of cushioning.

There are several different compact models on the market, each with strengths and weaknesses. Take your time and research them before making your choice to find the best compact folding treadmill for you.

Best Compact Treadmills