Top Rated Treadmills for Apartments

Searching for a good treadmill to buy is not fun. There are many, all with different features and price tags. Sometimes the process of deciding on one can be harder than it is to actually exercise on one. The following is a list of the top three, five star rating treadmills. These models get the most respect and acclaim throughout the fitness equipment industry. Be warned, though, they all carry a pretty hefty price tag.

1) The Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill. The only real negative to this unit is its price. It costs around $1500 but then again, in home fitness equipment you get what you pay for. This treadmill has rated number one in most durability tests done by outside consumer reporting agencies. Make sure to set this machine up where you will be using it since it is not very portable and it is very heavy.

2) Any Stex model treadmill. running on one of these is like running on air. These are the ultimate in comfort, durability and ease of use. Built in programming allows it to adjust to your weight and running style to take all of the stress of running off of your joints. The only downfall here is again, price. They average around $7500.

3) Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill. These treadmills have been the popular choice for fitness centers and gyms across the country for years. Around $5000, this investment will be good because these machines are designed for gym use where they are banged around and still keep ticking. They will last you a lifetime if well maintained.

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