Best Treadmills for Running Under $1000

Finding a treadmill that delivers a solid performance at under $1,000 isn’t the easiest thing to do but the Sole F63 and the Smooth 5.45 treadmills fit into this category nicely. Let’s compare the Sole F63 vs the Smooth 5.45 and find out which of the two exercise equipment deserves the top spot as the budget treadmill for walkers and light joggers.


Comparing them side by side, the two treadmills replicate each other when it comes to the basic numbers. Both are equipped with a 2.5 HP motor, can run from 0.5 to 10 mph, and have running surfaces that measure 20 by 55 inches.

Stability-wise though, the Sole treadmill gains the advantage because it weighs a heavier 245 pounds versus the 210-lb weight of the Smooth treadmill. With the added 35 pounds, this Sole model can accommodate a 325-lb user, while the Smooth equipment can only support a user of up to 250 pounds.

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Console and User Programs

The two machines are equipped with LCD displays to help keep track of the user’s important information including speed, time, and the distance traveled among others. Both equipments come with 6 built-in programs but only the Sole F63 has 2 user defined programs. The two also have hand pulse grips but Sole comes inclusive of a wireless chest strap for easier monitoring of your heart rate.

On the other hand, only Smooth 5.45 uses a heart rate control program that automatically adjusts your workout based on your heart rate as monitored with the use of the hand pulse grips.

Extra Features

The Sole F63 comes with cooling fans and built-in speakers for a more pleasant workout session but the quality of these add-ons could be better.

This model however, earns a few points over the competition when it was designed with the speed and incline controls located on the arm rest, making them easier to adjust even right in the middle of a workout.

Price and Warranty

The MSRP for Sole F63 and the Smooth 5.45 are $1,899 and $1,497 respectively. When you buy them online and direct from the companies however, they are both priced at just less than $1,000. And not only that, these machines come with the industry’s best warranties although Smooth has the slight edge here giving lifetime warranties for the frame, deck and motor. The Sole 5.45 only has lifetime warranty for the frame and motor, while the deck is only guaranteed for 3 years.

Sole F63 vs Smooth 5.45 – Which is the best budget fitness equipment?

No question about it, these two give you the best value treadmill for the under $1,000 class. It’s hard putting one over the other but I’d have to say, the Smooth 5.45 takes the honors. Sure, the Sole F63 also has some really nice touches to it, but these features aren’t quite enough to top the Smooth 5.45 with its heart rate control program and better warranty.

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